Things You Notice When You Gas Up And Take The Bart

For everyone who doubted my ability to blog…here is my first entry! Yes…brilliant.

When I was gassing up my car today I saw this sign.

Notice On Shell Gas Station

Is this even possible? How could you drive away with the nozzle in the tank? I couldn’t do that even if I tried.  The whole point of going to the station is to gas up…how would you forget!  In any case, I don’t think a notice like that is enforceable anyways because there is technically no mutual assent, but I suppose you can have a civil claim for negligence if there are damages to property. Who Cares. Just remember when you go to gas up your car…YOU ARE GASSING UP… so don’t randomly drive away.

I think the sign should say “Customer is responsible for any damage caused by dropping the nozzle on the floor.” Now that is possible. I’ve done it before. And the gas sprayed everywhere! But I don’t think anyone noticed. I was charged for the gas and it didn’t even go into my tank. They should be “responsible” for overcharging me. (-_-) I had to walk around smelling like gasoline the whole day…new perfume by Shell Gas Station.

Also, do you ever wonder where our tax money goes. I drove to BART after gassing up my car. The roads suck. So many holes and those black lines that are always damn bumpy. One day I’m going to get toothpaste and fill all the holes on the street. It works to fill the holes in the ceilings in the dorms…so worth a try. Then I can have smooth driving.

Finally, when I was on BART and I was trying to study. I was distracted by this girl talking hella loud about how she fell on the way up the escalator. She hit her shin and her hands are scrapped up.  Plus, a random man decided to have a chit chat with me.  He was quite nice. His name is Steven or Steve. I can’t remember. He graduated UC Berkeley with a degree in Clevicianskdsdkfj or Scandinavian or something like that. I can’t remember that either.  I guess I’m a bad listener. But I do know his sister is a federal public defender for 20 years. He was held at gun point at Ashby station and went to jail for failing to show up to a trial that took 8 years where he is the plaintiff. And a bunch of other stuff. Basically…I didn’t get to finish my reading. But now I’ve learned more about Steve or Steven’s life and know to be careful on escalators.


5 thoughts on “Things You Notice When You Gas Up And Take The Bart

  1. Your brain must be very confusing. You should get checked out for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    • She didn’t put her email in it – I think only you can see that…

      Sadly, I actually followed the story pretty well. I hate it when people talk really loud on BART, but I don’t usually feel like telling them to shut up.

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