Things I’m Gonna Do: Pimples and Balloons

Now…my blog is not useful. I give up. I just talk about whatever I want.

Have you ever had a pimple that you just couldn’t grab enough to pop because your fingers are too big or clumsy?  I think I will invent a pimple popping machine or some sort of tweezer gadget to help you out.  Once I figure out how to make things from metal…make sure you support me and buy it in the store. Here is a preview.

Have you seen the movie UP? I have decided to try to lose weight so I can fly using balloons.  Myth Busters says it takes 6000 – 7000 balloons to make an average person fly. Helium is expensive, so if I weigh less I will need less balloons to make myself fly. I can save money! If you want to donate money to my plan…let me know.


1) When you drive…use your indicator!!! I’m not a mind reader…so I have no clue when you might merge into my lane. Ok? OK.

2) Drive in your OWN lane. This is not Malaysia. We have white lines for a reason. If we were in Malaysia…then you are free to do what you want. Malaysians would probably think it was funny if you didn’t drive on the line. Haha.  Also it is because traffic is slower in Malaysia so it is less dangerous.  Ok? OK.

3) URANUS is not pronounced YOUR ANUS. It is UR RAH NUS. (Muktuk and Oompahloompa are WRONG). MUAHAHAHA. PS: Today Muktuk lost phone wars.


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