My Mess and Tricky Food

Not enough time to do everything…definitely not enough time to clean!!!
I need to invite Oompahloompa or Midget over.  I know they would clean.

If I make my room messy enough…they won’t be able to stand it. Brilliant.
Especially Midget.  She loves to clean. But she gave up on trying to organize my music. Apparently… I label songs incorrectly. Yeah yeah.  I don’t know the name so I make it up.

Free Labor! They will be like 2 of the 7 dwarfs.  Or wait… Snow White was the one who cleaned. Maybe I’ll make them mac n cheese as payment. They love my cooking.
Ah Kong saw my room and he became upset. Sorry Ah Kong…I’ll clean…soon…I promise!

SO for everyone who thinks I have OCD. Impossible, especially when my room and workspace look like this:

YES: Leprechaun’s eye fell off. I don’t know where it is. Sorry Gossip Girl. Your husband is 1/2 blind.
YES: There is a knife on the desk.
To protect myself.
YES: Muktuk’s friend naked lady is not in the photo, but don’t worry she’s on the table.

YES: I label all my drawers with post-its
So I won’t forget what is in them.
And for Mui Mui so she knows where to return things when she borrows them.
YES: I LOVE MY CROCS. So don’t talk mess.
NO: I did not purposely try to cage up Bernardo. He is just hiding.
YES: I think I need a bigger room or a shelf to put all my paperwork. Need a Goodwill trip.

YES: I made the pillow invention on my window.
It keeps cold air from coming in when I work. SMART!
YES: There is a pig next to the trash can. It is saving money for my balloon mission. Donate when you visit.
YES: I hang stuffed animals on my ceiling. You can see the monkey legs on the top. I love fluffy things.

NO: My room is not ALWAYS like this!
Or maybe it is…ask my friends and parents.

HA. No time to clean or finish my work. However…I somehow find time to look up rubbish like this and write a blog entry.  The difference is either brilliant marketing or totally violating a law or something…UNFAIR.  BUT definitely “PUFFING” at its best.
Now I eat Costco Cheeseburger for my break time. $8.99 for a pack of 12.  SEE YA!


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