JLO Looking Like A Lion

I duno about you…but to me. JLO’s hair look a lion mane. HAHAHA.
Did you hear JLo’s new song “Get On The Floor.” Here is a part of the lyrics:

“Let the rhythm change your world on the floor
You know we’re running sh*t tonight on the floor
Brazil, Morocco,
London to Ibiza,
Straight to LA, New York,
Vegas to Africa (that’s why she be dressing like a lion)”

I’m semi-upset JLO did not include Asia in this song.  ASIANS DANCE TOO YOU KNOW. Did you see America’s Best Dance Crew? The Asian Crews are pretty good! We win too! However, I admit that many of us probably look like William Hung when we try to dance Latin Songs, but that’s okay. If JLO is going to include a place like Ibiza (wherever the hell that is) she should at least mention the motherland China! Maybe she didn’t use China because it doesn’t have a cool pronunciation. She could’ve said Malaysia or Taiwan or Bangladesh or…I duno…she had many to choose from!! Our continent is huge!  Plus the tune she uses in the song is from the “Forbidden Song” from Asia or something like that. (Ask Oompahloompa). I remember I bought a green owl from the morning market in Malaysia when I was a kid that plays that“Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala” part of the song. We deserve some credit.

But I think JLO is a nice lady and she is making a come back with her career and her big lion hair on American Idol. Pia was eliminated. Sad Day.

Dog Lion: I’m gonna dress Ginger up like this. CUTE!


3 thoughts on “JLO Looking Like A Lion

  1. AIYAH! You listen like 5% of what I said!

    It’s NOT from Asia! Asians be ripping that shit off pop culture! LOL
    It’s like.. African or from the Caribbean or something..
    AND it’s the LAMBADA song (aka the Forbidden DANCE.)

    Here’s the song on Youtube: Lambada by Kaoma

    GEEZ! You see how many INACCURATE things you listed! Now people think I’m an idiot making up stuff! Dont’ quote inaccurate stuff with my name!! =(

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