Muktuk’s Dream

Muktuk Brownie (3:07:33 PM): I HAD A NIGHTMARE ABOUT YOU GUYS
Me: (3:15:20 PM): wat was it?
Muktuk Brownie (3:17:18 PM): i was showerring. FOR some reason im in my bathing suit
Muktuk Brownie (3:17:28 PM): and then you came in the bathroom and started pooping
Muktuk Brownie (3:18:00 PM): and i was screaming to you to get out. and OOMPAHLOOMPA past by the bathroom kept saying….EW THATS HELLA LESBO
Muktuk Brownie (3:18:24 PM): i was like. EFF THIS. so i walk out and you’re still pooping and laughing and saying.. ITS OK!
Muktuk Brownie (3:18:55 PM): and MIDGET is downstairs on her computer petting a bear
Muktuk Brownie (3:19:04 PM): im like…wtf. THIS IS DEFINITELY a dream
Muktuk Brownie (3:20:21 PM): LMAO
Muktuk Brownie (3:20:39 PM): i know. i was hecka mad
Muktuk Brownie (3:20:51 PM): cause for some reason my head was like..”god this STINKS”
Muktuk Brownie (3:20:56 PM): but i didnt smell anything

(-_____-): I like how she realized it was a dream when she saw Midget with a bear and not when I went to the toilet. RUDE!


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