Best Signs and Places For Homeless Begging

There are many homeless people begging on the streets, but they always seem to choose the most inconvenient places to ask for money, such as in the middle of a busy street with no stores in the business district OR by the highway entrance. When I’m walking somewhere…I don’t want to stop, get my wallet out, and give you money. When I’m driving I don’t want to stop traffic and give you money either, especially when I’m trapped and you could jump in my window and rob me.

I think the best places to beg would be:

BART: People don’t have enough on their BART ticket, add some, and get coins back from the machine. They come out and give you change…if you’re lucky.

RESTAURANT/STORE: When people used to pay with cash and not credit card, they received change back after paying the bill. Cha Ching!

AT STOPLIGHT: Because people have to wait there a long time and look at you. Maybe they will feel bad.

AND IF YOU BEG…HAVE A GOOD SIGN…OR DO A TRICK…OR SOMETHING. We have so many homeless to choose from. Make yourself stand out.



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