Wonders of Life?

This will be OompaLoompa’s second post. Exciting!!

DisneyDork: You know what I was thinking about while I was walking? Why does our hair grow?!

I don’t know why this would come up while you are walking… When I’m walking, I’m thinking: Please don’t let some idiot run me over with his/her car!

Sometimes I wonder what life is like in her brain. It must be a 2 dimensional world with Disney characters running around and things are in clear black and white…

I had a “DisneyDork” moment today at work: Why are oranges the only fruit named their color?

You don’t see people naming bananas “yellow” or apples “green” (I only eat green apples. Red apples are weird man…)

This is what it must feel like to be in her brain… 

I don’t think I like it so much… 


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