Afternoon Naptime

There were many parts of my trip to Asia that I hated (hot weather, mosquito bites, my toilet inside my shower), but there was definitely one thing that I loved: sietas.

Sietas (or afternoon naps) are very common in countries that are warmer, usually before or after lunchtime. The term itself is dervied from Spain, but many Latin American and Asian countries adopt this noontime tradition.

In Asia, after the lunch rush has died down, almost every store in the city and countrysides are closed for 30 minutes. At first I thought this was quite peculiar, everyone having a rather long lunch, but when the entire country is on break, you can’t help but join in! What else could you do?


Now, I know most of America isn’t as hot as some places in Asia, but why don’t we also adopt the afternoon siesta? Think about it: everyone would be less cranky from waking up so early in the morning, people have a brief break to digest their foods before going back to work, and who doesn’t like naps?! Naps were some of the best parts of pre-school and kindergarten. Why must it stop there?!

I would totally nap at work during my lunch break if it wasn’t so weird to sleep at work…


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