Ice Cream Trucks

Whenever I see an ice cream truck …I always wonder how they make enough money to survive.  How many ice creams do you have to sell to stay in business now-a-days?  Can ice cream men even pay for the gas they need to drive around playing that ice cream song?

I never see anyone buying ice cream…but the same ice cream guy has been driving by my neighborhood for the past bazillion years.  He sees me walking my dog, and I never buy ice cream from him, but he still be slowing down his truck every time.  Why?I have no money. Keep driving.  During Swim Season…all the ice cream trucks used to park next to each other at the invitations.  When we went to buy ice cream they wave and make noises so that you would come to their truck instead of the other person parked RIGHT NEXT to them. It was stressful because you felt bad for not going to the other truck.  Then you feel even worse when you buy from the person and they won’t give you a discount and you felt like you choose the wrong truck.

Pimp My Ice Cream Truck:

Melted Ice Cream Truck:


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