Aiyah. MukTuk gave me another DisneyDork moment:

OompaLoompa 12:16 am
i didn’t know prince harry’s name isn’t harry
it’s henry
wth why do people call him harry then?

MukTuk 12:17 am
you know…
its like his proper name or something
kinda like chinese and their chinese names… and then the come to live in america and have different names
was there ever a prince or king harry?

OompaLoompa 12:18 am
i dunno
probably not

MukTuk 12:18 am
well see.. harry is the informal name
kinda like a nick name

OompaLoompa12:19 am

how is harry a nickname for henry?
it’s the same number of letters
nicknames are SHORTER

Ok, someone explain this cuz MukTuk’s explanation makes no sense. She says it’s a nickname. Nicknames are suppose to be shorter. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a nickname if the name is the same length or longer than the original name?

Plus, why is Prince Henry called “Prince Harry,” but Prince William isn’t called “Prince Bill” or vice versa?! Why the inconsistency?!

On the subject of nick names, how did people come up with Bill as a nickname for William or Dick for Richard. They seem completely random…

All this nickname talk made me realize something: I don’t have a nickname…


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