Maury: Baby Daddy

Maury is on everyday in the early afternoon. I watch it sometimes.

I always wondered…how does the Maury show always manage to make girls who have 8 million different possible baby daddys look like angels?? HOW?!!! Then when results are revealed…Maury says “You are NOT the father!” And she runs backstage crying like she is surprised.  Wth. I don’t understand.

People always boo the “guy,” but they forget that he would’ve never been on the show if she was….well not confused about which man is her baby’s daddy. (this does not include the guys that deny the baby for no reason…they are…well no comment).

So next time you boo a guy for questionings if he is the father of a girl who doesn’t know who the daddy is…think twice because she shouldn’t have more than one possibility.

Peace and love.



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