Crisps ‘n’ Chips

What makes a chip an actual “chip” instead of a crisp?

I was grocery shopping today and bought some Pringles and SunChips when I noticed they both technically aren’t chips.

Pringles are technically “potato crisps” and SunChips are really “flavored multigrain snacks.”

So what is a “chip” then? I mean other things besides potato chips must be considered a chip, right? (And don’t get me started on the British “chip = french fries” thing. Totally not the same thing!) (I’m also not talking about chocolate chips or computer chips either!)

And, why do they name it SunChips if they aren’t really “chips.” That’s deceiving!

I’m curious now what Cheetos, Funions, and Doritios are considered.

I’m craving some crunchy thin snacks now…


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