Techno Takeover: Has it taken over your life? Probably Yes.

You know technology has taken over your life when:

1) You check your email before you brush your teeth in the morning.

2) You spend $1000+ on a laptop, but complain $3 for a gallon of milk is too expensive.

3) You can type 120 wpm, but forgot how to write in cursive.

4) You never sat through an entire movie without at least one device on your body beeping, ringing or buzzing.

5) You can barely afford to pay your grocery bills or school tuition, but your phone plan costs more than $60 a month because you need the largest data plan available.

6) You update your status on facebook or twitter more often than you see or talk to your friends or family.

7) You tell your friends or family that you are getting married, got a job, received a scholarship, or some other big moment in your life by writing a note or changing your status on facebook.

8 ) You invite people to your birthday or graduation by creating an “event” instead of telling them in person or sending an actual invitation.

9) You end a friendship or relationship by de-friending someone or blocking them online.

10) You send holiday E-cards instead of paper ones.

11) You met or got to know your significant other through email, webcam, MSN, GChat, AIM, or one of the million chat programs that exist.

12) You saw a photo of your significant other online before actually seeing them in person.

13) You IM with the person who occupies the cubicle next to you or is in the same room.

14) You clean your computer more often than you clean your house.

15) You take your laptop or mobile phone to occupy yourself in the toilet.

16) You no longer have newspaper delivered to your house, but read about the news online or while accidentally watching you tube videos about how “Asians in the library are too loud.”

17) You no longer read actual paperback books, but read novels on your handheld device.

18) You know the name of every reality star on TV, but don’t know who is running for president.

19) You buy your clothes and groceries online instead of physically going to the store or mall.

20) You leave a hang out early to go home and beat a video game or watch TV.

21) You cannot give someone directions to your house without using a GPS or looking on Google maps.

22) You memorized your friends emails address and phone numbers, but need to look up your own social security number.

23) You rotate screen savers or desktop backgrounds more frequently than your automobile tires.

24) You know how to fix a jam in your new expensive complicated color copy machine/printer at home, but your bread always turns into charcoal when you use the 20 year old toaster.

25) You hate when people call you or come to your house to sell something, but received 10 emails a day with local coupons or promotions.

26) You think it is more fun to make you tube videos than it is to fly a kite, go swimming, or hiking.

27) You know how to set up a Wii or install computer games, but don’t know how to play hopscotch or ride a bicycle.

28) You exercise using DDR or Wii Fit rather than taking a run outside or going to the gym.

29) You automatically think of music when you hear “CD” and don’t understand how it could relate to finance.

30) You back up your data every day and own a set of “itty-bitty” screw-drivers and actually know where they are.

31) You go take academic classes online instead of physically going to a school.

32) You email this message to your friends, but never show them in person because you rarely see them face-to-face, except on webcam.



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