Please print.

How many people actually print a physical copy of the confirmation pages for everything they purchase or order online?

Today alone I was asked to “print and retain” confirmation pages at least three times. If it wasn’t for the awesome invention of the PDF printer, I would be wasting a bunch of paper and who knows how much ink today alone just to have proof I actually ordered or completed something.

At my bank, they now offer the option of emailing a copy of your transaction receipts to your email inbox instead of wasting paper and ink printing it the traditional way. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the websites online offered this option? I can keep track of all my orders and purchases through just my inbox instead of looking around for a stupid piece of paper I am suppose to keep with an incredibly long alpha-numeric sequence. And I’m saving the planet by not wasting any paper.

People have already changed the way we use coupons by allowing people to just show the coupon on their cell phones. Why can’t we do that same with receipts?!

It’s time for all websites to pitch in and help create a greener environment all by changing “Please print and retain.” to “Please click to email.” Or better yet, just email everyone a copy. You’re already going to be sending me lots of junk mail now that you have my email address anyways. Why not send me something useful!

I hope no one tried to click and print this page…


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