Where Are My Pockets?

Did anyone realize that work clothes for girls rarely have pockets? But guys suits have endless pockets! In the front AND the back on their pants, and even an extra one by their chest on their jackets. Wth is up with that?!

You are walking out to a meeting and want to put some post-its or pens in your pocket so you don’t have to hold them. OH WAIT. YOUR PANTS DON’T HAVE ANY POCKETS. If your pants did have a pocket in the front its about 3 cm deep and 1 cm wide…so nothing can fit except maybe a piece of gum.

But you don’t worry. You attempt to fit the post its or pens in your suit jacket pocket. WAIT? WHAT’S THIS? THE POCKET IS FAKE. WTH. You look again. Someone has sewed your pocket shut!

Sadly…you walk to your meeting holding both post-its and pen in your hand along with your pile of records and your laptop. So much to carry! Can this be considered discrimination in the work place???  Maybe pockets for girls are unprofessional? Sometimes we don’t even have pants and have a skirt. Now those definitely don’t even have fake pockets. Women deserve pockets too!!!!!

So…when you go shopping check to see if your suit has pockets!  If it does…double check to make sure they are real! In this economy…people are tricky.  Cheap-o designers are smart. They probably claim that pants or jackets or skirts look nicer with “no pockets.”  OR they are even worse make the jacket look more convenient, but actually make “fake pockets” to save materials.

I’ll never understand fashion.


One thought on “Where Are My Pockets?

  1. lol good point!
    (you know.. sometimes new clothes HAVE pockets, but they sew them loosely so things don’t get trapped in them and stuff. you have to cut it open yourself…)

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