Robbers Will Bring Sling Bags Back

Sling Bags should make a come back!  I will never understand why people would want a $400 purse with very small handles that constantly slip off your shoulder.

Why should sling bags come back?? Here is a good example.
If you were a robber which person would you try to rob?

            Lady A                          or                           Lady B

Answer: Lady A…if you are a smart robber.
Why? In order to rob Lady B you would have to pull the bag’s strap over Lady B’s head…that seems like ALOT more work than just grabbing Lady A’s bag from her shoulder.  Moreover, someone who buys a cheap sling bag is less likely to have an expensive phone, expensive ipod, or expensive anything in their bag than someone with a fancy rich people purse.  Thus, if you have a cheap sling bag and stand next to the a bunch of ladies with nice looking purses…your sling bag automatically has some type of extra insurance that it is less likely to be stolen.

Think about it.


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