Over. Not under!

A while back, Cottonelle launched the “Great Debate” campaign over which orientation the toilet paper should go. I never realized that toilet paper was such a big deal, but thinking about it now, toilet paper orientation preference makes quite a lot of sense.

We spend at least a part of our day in the restroom using the toilet. That accumulates to a great amount of time used just sitting on the toilet alone! It’s no wonder that people hold strong opinions about their toilet paper.

It all really boils down to whether you are for the over or under toilet paper orientation.

Over is good. Under is bad!

Personally, I prefer the over orientation instead of the under. Why?

  1. It’s cleaner. If you ever see toilet paper with the roll on the inside, don’t you wonder if it touched the wall? And who’s touched the wall before you got there? People go to the bathroom and they have to use toilet paper. I would assume their hands were dirty, and consequently, the wall would be contaminated. Toilet paper hanging right next the the wall is just asking for contamination. Ew.
  2. The print is on the outside. If you look at the toilet paper, the company makes a great effort in printing nice little designs on it. Why hide the designs?!
  3. It is easy to locate the end of the toilet paper. I hate when it’s hung under and you can’t tell if the toilet paper is new and there’s no clear end yet or if the end is hidden. Why can’t people just make it easy to find it?!
  4. I like when I go to places and they fold the end of the toilet paper into a point. Why? Because I know someone took the time and care to do that, which means the toilet is also probably clean. BUT I would never use that piece of toilet paper. It’s been contaminated. Someone had to touch it to fold it. Always use the toilet paper 3 or 4 sheets down the line. Yes…
Which orientation do you prefer? Vote on it!
I just wasted a whole blog post on toilet paper. Sad. 


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