Speed Limit

You know who you got to respect, but really hate especially when you are trying to rush home to go to the bathroom. People who actually drive 15 MPH in a 15 MPH zone.  They even drive 15 mph when there are no cars or people around. Even at 2 am in the morning they don’t drive over the speed limit.  Hate it. But you know they will never get a ticket.

And yes. The photo says 25 mph. Imagine is says 15. yeah? thanks.


3 thoughts on “Speed Limit

  1. What streets do you drive on where the limit is 15…?! it’s 25 around a school…. LOL

    You can get a ticket for driving too slow in some places…

    It’s ok. Sometimes you can’t just hold it, A little girl pee’d in her pants today at work. She couldn’t hold it. =(

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