Make Up and Ties

Why do girls wear lipstick that makes them look like they have been eating straight out of bucket of bright red paint?  And then they use a napkin or drink out of a cup it looks like they have been bleeding out of their mouth. Just wear normal color stuff.

Why do girls wear a t-shirt and then use a hair tie or rubber band to tie it in the back so it looks like they are wearing a tighter “girl shirt?” WTH. If you are gonna tie it…just wear a different shirt.  If you wear a t-shirt…wear the t-shirt how t-shirts are supposed to be wore. You don’t need every piece of clothing to hug your body 24/7.  If it is too big. Well next time buy a smaller size…or you are probably wearing some boy’s clothes that you took and never gave back. So just give it back to him and buy your own shirt. Duh.

Plus tying it probably makes it uncomfortable to lean back when sitting because it looks like you have a big swollen growth on your back.  If you want to look sluttier maybe you should just wear your shirt like this girl. Then people will be less confused about WTH you are doing with the tied tail in the back.

I’ll never understand girls.


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