Why You Need To Know My Parents $$ Info?

Do you ever wonder why schools and scholarship applications ask for your parents financial information when deciding who gets money?  Why does it matter? It reminds me of how America does not discriminate, but everything requires you to check a box that describes your race. Well if you don’t select people based on race, then why does that matter?

In America, when someone turns 18 they are a legal adult.  Most kids don’t have rich parents that will pay for their schooling and have to fund school on their our own.  Now-a-days parents be popping out tribes of kids and don’t even have enough money to buy them shoes or fancy school lunches, or pay for them to go to elementary school. You think they are going to use their income to pay for school?  Dreaming.  So why you want to know how much parents make if the kid doesn’t see a dime of the money? WHY? 

Forms require you to report your parents information if you are under 30 years old.  If you are 30 years old and still need your parents to pay for your school…wth did you do your whole life? Kids be having kids when they are 12 years old and then have to support themselves because their parents disown them. I watch Maury. I know. Most young adults probably don’t even know how much their parents make, so they shouldn’t have to report it and have it be a determining factor if they can get financial aid or scholarship money.

So…schools stop caring what my parents make a year.  If I’m paying for my school, what they do shouldn’t matter. Thanks.


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