The “Unwritten” Rules of the Road.

Ugh, drivers.
Now I know I’m not the most awesome driver out there, but I am certainly not the worst. I follow the rules (generally) and expect other people to do the same. Why is it that on a weekly basis, I will run into one of these situations?!

  1. The “You go!” “No, you go” situation: If we both stop at a stop sign at the same time and you are to my right with no other cars around, it’s is your right of way and you can go. So if you see me waiting, and flashing my annoying high beam headlights, it’s because I’m waiting for you to move. SO MOVE! If I’ve waited long enough and you’re not moving, I’m going to drive. Don’t be the idiot who decides right then that you want to go now. TOO LATE! You’ve had your chance.
  2. The “Slow driver in the innermost lane” situation: If the highway only has 2 or 3 lanes and I am driving behind you and it looks like I’m tailgating, it’s probably because I am, and I need you to move your slow car to the next lane if that’s possible. If you’ve ever driven on the freeway and see someone weaving in and out of traffic, it’s because people are using all the lanes to drive at the same speed. If you know you are going to drive slower than the speed limit, use the outermost lane. If you can see that someone is in a rush (maybe it’s an emergency) and you are blocking the path, be courteous and move over. Don’t be a lazy driver! Be nice!
  3. The “Stick your hand out of the window or hand raise apology” situation: If you are constantly raising your hand to other drivers to ask for permission or apologize for cutting them off, there is seriously something wrong with your driving habit. Light indicators are there for you to use and you should use them. Why? Because I’m the one who doesn’t have a clue which way you are turning. Drivers aren’t psychic. Make it easier for people. Also, if you are planning to turn right, try to scoot your car to the right more. If you are planning to turn left, scoot your car to the left more, so that people may pass you if they want to go straight. Why must you hog the road?
  4. The “Blasting music with the windows rolled down and the bass pumped up” situation: Unless you are deaf, there is no excuse for you blasting your music so loud that I can’t even hear my own thoughts. And why crank up the bass so much?! It’s not healthy for the car. Really. All that vibration that is emitted for the speakers blasted constantly will eventually wear down not only the speakers, but the structure of the car. It’s like you’re putting your car through a endless earthquake. Turn it down a bit or get your ears checked.
  5. The “giant Escalade/Hummer in the compact spot” situation: Your Escalade or Hummer is not a compact car. Period. You want to argue? Pull out the handbook and show me where it says that it is. Seriously. It’s not going to fit in a compact spot. Don’t even try. Why? Because you will barely squeeze it in and think “Yes! Totally in!” but you can’t open the door and it hits my car while you are getting out. You see? That’s why they mark the spots COMPACT. Also, you driving your Escalade or Hummer does not make you a handicap person. Maybe in the brain you are handicapped, but physically, you look fine, so stop pulling out the placard and placing it on your rear-view mirror like you have a serious disability. People who are really disabled need those spots. It’s not for you to park your giant gas-guzzling monster truck.

    Also, it’s not a very effective way to drive. Imagine trying to get away from the highway patrol like this idiot.
    “VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) — Eight people were injured on Friday after a stolen Hummer being chased by the California Highway Patrol crashed twice in Vallejo.”
    You see? If your car takes up the entire lane, don’t be surprised it can’t outrun tiny cars!!

There are probably plenty more unwritten rules you should obey, but I can’t think of anymore right now.

I’m getting tired just recalling these situations.


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