Wrong side of the car.

Cars are not perfectly symmetrical. If a car was divided in half lengthwise, obviously one side would be heavier than the other. I completely get this.

So, car designers, I have but a simple question to ask: Why on earth would you put the fuel tank opening of a car on the passenger side?!

Seriously. It’s not only a matter of convenience, but also of safety.

99% of the time, it’s the driver of the car who notices the gas is low and stops to refuel. And 99% of those drivers end up refueling themselves. Why would you put it on the other side of the car? Make it easier for people and put it on the driver side, please!

Plus, I don’t know about other people, but I always end up leaving my car unlocked when I gas up. Why? Because I’m right there if the fuel tank is on the driver’s side. When it’s on THE WRONG SIDE, and I forget to lock up, who would be to blame if some random stranger decided to carjack me while I was fueling up? It’s an open opportunity for thieves to steal a car and get free gas.

No wonder American cars fall behind others. People, have some common sense!

I’m a little Asian girl. Please make cars safer by making the fuel tank on the driver’s side. Thank you.

Also, thank you to the genius that invented the arrow indicator on the fuel gauge. I always check it even though I know my gas tank is on the driver’s side. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it will magically change tomorrow. Better safe to check before I leave the car.

Stupid fuel tank. I should just get me a hybrid electric car. 

Never mind. Prius’s are ugly. 


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