Dumb People Should Work In Caves

Seriously…people who get hired into the work force…that don’t know what they are doing are frustrating.  I don’t understand how they get jobs!! Probably hired by one of their own who don’t know what they are doing either.

I mean…freaking…all the people in the world with low intellectual capabilities that try to act like they know wassup should work in caves and just lift rocks or scoop dirt. They don’t have to think for that…and it is something that won’t affect the lives of the rest of us. 

Admit it. When someone is hella dumb, not funny stupid dumb (those people are fine), but…wth…why were you born dumb – you should never speak to me again dumb…you want to put them on a deserted island by themselves where they can’t lose important paperwork, spend too much money, be lazy, be unaware of what their job actually is, or do anything else irritate people around them! The end.


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