It makes me sad to see how many pets are out there…without homes. Get a pet. Then leave the pet. Get a new pet. Leave the new pet. No laws against this. Pet abuse…maybe get fined a few hundred. Easy Peasey punishments. People are so irresponsible and selfish. Want to save a pet. Have to pay $300+ to save a pet. (WTH).  So many pets with no home. BUT people still breed more pets. Sell more pets for $800+.  The old pets with no home…still not adopted. Pets grow up spending 24/7 in a cage. Pets grow up sleeping where the poop and pee. Pets grow up alone. Sad. Maybe you should try that. Then you can see how they feel.

We adopted Ginger. AND she wasn’t a puppy AND had some crazy issues.
She is the best dog ever. Funny doggy.
<3. Save the animals!


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