Don’t trust your shampoo!

Have you ever read the back of your shampoo or conditioner bottles? Of course you have! And aren’t you a bit surprised or skeptical about the things they write on the back?

Think about it: How do you know that the “Length and Strength” bottle will really make your hair longer and stronger?!

(Also, why is it that most shampoos and conditioners these days are made so that the bottles open the opposite way? Except for certain brands like TRESemmé, most of the bottles have the shampoo opening up and the conditioner opening down. It might seem super obvious to someone who has clear eye-sight, but for someone like me, I always end up putting both right-side-up or upside-down and ALWAYS mix them up the next time I shower. What makes it worst is that the words “shampoo” and “conditioner” are tiny compared to “Length & Strength.” I already know what I bought. Shampoo companies: please make it easier for me to see what I am using.)

(TRESemmé’s got this down. Their bottles are right-side-up and clearly black and white. So simple!)

If you turn to the back of the Fruitis bottles of shampoo and conditioner, they make a very sad attempt that proving “results” to prove the shampoo and conditioner make you’re hair stronger:

You see that asterisk? Apparently to put the claim on the front, Garnier did some “tests” to prove the effectiveness of their product. What “tests” did they do? Something called a “brushing test” and a “combing test.”

First, what is the difference?! Brush or comb, all you are doing is removing the knots from your hair. If the brushing test measures “breakage,” what does the combing test measure?

Second, why only a week? What happens AFTER a week?! Will my hair grow until I look like a hippie?! Will I lose all my hair?!

Last, why would you compare the usage of shampoo AND conditioner with a “non-conditioning shampoo?” That’s like comparing a car with four wheels with a car that has only two wheels. Of course you are going to like the car with four wheels more, regardless of whether it’s a Ferrari or a Volvo.

Garnier, please do a better job of performing “tests.” Otherwise, don’t publish the results on every bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Some people actually read that!!

For hair that shines with all it’s strength… Garnier — hmm.. sponsor our blog and I’ll totally promote it!!


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