People Who Call Into Radio Stations

Do you ever wonder what someone is actually doing when they call into a radio station?  You only hear their voice and never really know where they are or what prompted them to call.  Someone could be taking their morning bathroom break or eating breakfast or jogging or even mopping the floor.  I only listen to the radio in my car, which is usually during rush hour so I need to focus and can’t call.  Who listens to radio stations at home? Don’t most people watch TV instead?

That means the people who call radio stations are probably either:

1) Breaking the law because they are driving and talking on their cell phone
2) Super techy because they understand how bluetooth works or have a car that  projects the voices on your cell phone throughout the entire car while you drive
3) Have no life and actually listen to radio stations at home
4) Don’t believe in TV so they live with only a radio to connect them with the outside world’s news
5) Can’t afford anything besides a radio and free radio-ness
6) Make a living out of calling into radio stations to get free tickets and selling them on craiglist

A Challenge For You People Who Call Radio Stations:
Try to get every hip hop station to play the same song at the same time. I think you request them to play Katy Perry’s Friday on Friday at 5:30 PM. If you achieve it. I will send you a E-hug as a prize. Like this = *hug*


One thought on “People Who Call Into Radio Stations

  1. I’M DOWN. lol

    Sometimes 99.7FM and 92.7FM play the same songs at the same time. It’s annoying though cuz it’s always the same overplayed song. You go from one station to another thinking you’d get a new song cuz you didn’t like that one only to find its the same crappy song.

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