Pocket for your phone?

I was watching the news today and they featured a “pocket” to put your phone in and go off the grid . (Here’s the article if you are curious. There is also a video for you lazy people.)

“… carry a mobile device, you give up a lot of privacy. Employers hand out phones, then track them. Social media often follows mobile units around too. So what if you don’t want to be stalked?”

I’m sure there are plenty of people who have already bought one of these things, but I’ve got a really cheap and free way to do just the same: TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!

I’m so smart, right?! (That was sarcasm. We know I’m not. That’s ok. I’ve accepted it.)

OK, I admit, this may be a really smart idea. Market what amounts to basically a foil-covered bag to anyone who doesn’t want “to be stalked,” but what kind of world do we live in if people can’t function enough to turn off their phones for an hour or so. The world will not crash and get sucked into oblivion because you didn’t update your status on Facebook in the last hour. Yes, it’s the “World Wide Web,” but there’s also the real world with people to meet and things to see.

Take a break from your technology-reliant life and go to the park. Enjoy the fresh air and the amazing view. The internet will forgive you for leaving it briefly. I promise!

This is rather ironic because I am telling people to go have a life, but I still want readers… Come back soon, please!


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