Musics, Sounds, And Stuff

Hi. Did you ever notice all those sounds around you that you don’t really notice?? Here is a list of sounds I noticed today:

1) My clock ticks
2) Ginger’s tail thumps when it hits the stairs
3) Girls heels clog when they walk
4) The air purifier hisses every few seconds
5) My key clinks when I put it in the door or the car
6) Driving on the road makes a creepy murmur sound
7) The toilet paper roll makes a “rummm” sound when you roll it in the bathroom
8 ) You make a noise that I don’t know how to spell when you scratch yourself
9) The TV makes “thung” or “pium” sound when you on it
10) You make noise when you blink and breathe (…well maybe you could make a sound if you blink or breathe really hard)
11) The sound of water when you turn on the faucet
12) The “uuhzhzhuzzh” noise that the drawer and shower door make when you move it
13) The windy-ish thud-ish sound your sheets make when you get read to go into bed
14) Click Click Click of typing on the keyboard
15) Sure there are many more…


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