Too early.

Went to the mall today and this is what I saw:

(Okay, so not exactly this photo because I forgot my camera, but you get the point.)

Way too early.

You could have at least waited until the week of Thanksgiving to start this. Or, oh I don’t know, December. You know, the month Christmas actually falls in?

The radio stations should be ashamed of themselves too. A lot of people rely on the radio as entertainment during rush hour or while stuck in traffic. We do not want to start hearing “Jingle Bells” until we actually get the bells out of the storage in the garage. We would prefer to not to have to sit through “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in November while we wait at the doctors office because it’s not coming for another seven weeks. In fact, no need to play “The Twelve Days of Christmas” until December 14, the twelve days before Christmas.

Also, either I was a very precocious as a kid or today’s kids aren’t as smart. I always wondered (back when Santa was real) why the heck Santa was spending his entire day at the local mall taking pictures instead of up at the North Pole checking on the elves and my toys. Where’s the quality control, hmm? And, the man is huge enough already. Do we need to feed him more cookies and milk? Honestly, if he wasn’t diabetic before, he certainly would be now. He was the lead advertising icon for Coca-Cola in the past and probably will be in the future. What he should really be advertising now is Lipitor. I’m sure his cholesterol numbers are off the charts.

Santa needs to go on a diet.


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