Coffee stirrers and floating sugar.

Why are coffee stirrers made so poorly and why hasn’t someone invented floating sugar cubes?!

Most mornings I grab a house coffee from whatever coffee shop is nearby. I like my large coffee with half-and-half and sugar. Everything’s hunky-dory until I try to swirl the coffee to dissolve the sugar and thoroughly mix my coffee. I don’t know about other people, but I fully enjoy my coffee/milk/sugar as a homogenized mixture.

So why is it that they make coffee stirrers only 2/3 as tall as the cup?! The sugar will clearly fall to the bottom of the cup (being more dense than the liquid coffee). How am I supposed to mix it all up evenly when the stick doesn’t even reach the bottom of the cup?!

I am stuck with bitter, sugarless coffee for the next half hour or so before hitting the bottom half of the coffee cup that’s super saturated with glucose. This makes for a very unpleasant experience in the morning.

I propose two solutions to the coffee stirrer and sugar industries.

  1. Make better coffee stirrers. (Or stop being cheap and give me a real spoon at the coffee shop.)
  2. Make floating sugar cubes. (I know. Best idea yet.)

I could use another coffee right now…


One thought on “Coffee stirrers and floating sugar.

  1. I suggest you grab a drinking straw to use as a stirrer, & then you can use it as a straw. Then you don’t need to tip the travel mug. Sometimes the straw will fit through the hole in the lid.

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