Worst Places To Be During A Natural Disaster

  1. On the toilet (if it is a porta potty…even worse)
  2. Sedated in a complicated life-threatening surgery
  3. In a lab handling deadly chemicals
  4. On the ride Drop Zone at Great American at the top waiting to get dropped
  5. On a bridge next to a big rig carrying flammable materials
  6. On highest floor of a tall building that has only one stairway
  7. Waiting at the back of the airplane at the end of the queue to get off the plane
  8. Kidnapped with your hands and feet tied in a steel cage in an old building in an abandoned city in the desert
  9. At a concert with millions of people packed into a small stadium
  10. Zip-lining across the Grand Canyon
  11. Pumping gas next to someone smoking a cigarette
  12. In a glass house

I’m sure there are many more…


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