The Stress of Crossing the Street

Have you ever experienced that moment where you are standing at the corner of an intersection waiting for the crosswalk light to turn green and all the people standing next to you decide to across the street even though the light is still red??? Or you friends start walking across expecting you to follow?

No one considers that you might have already decided in your head that you will wait and obey the law…even though there are no cars around.  Not all laws make sense, but I personally could never overcome this red light green light crap.  BUT the peer pressure to cross on a red light is insane.

People look at you like your stupid.  Why aren’t you crossing…there are no cars? Honestly…I DON’T KNOW. My head says “Cross cross cross,” but my body won’t move. Recommendation: Just stand there and act like you are too busy to cross.  Play with your phone…like you can’t walk and text at the same time. Or look in your backpack.  What makes it even worse is when your friends start waving at you from across the street after they have crossed on red. Well. Shit. It’s still red.  Stay strong. Don’t cross yet! (unless you are in a rush or late…then lights don’t matter).


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