Dreams. Got To Love Em!

found in my email. crazy.

Soo. today i had a damn bad headache so i took a nap from 1 until like 530 and during that time…here is my dream.

All four of us planned to go to our high school reunion in SF at this nice asian restaurant…dont ask me why we all are going to the same HS reunion when we all went to diff high schools…LOL BUT we took 2 separate cars – Gossip Girl drove one and Grandma Walrus drove the other. So when we got there we sat at the table and it was weird cuz ppl from my law school were there too…and for some reason Oompahloompa was on the planning committee and she was seating everyone at the event…but anyways.

i started to get a headache and i was feeling sick so i said i wanted to go home so Gossip Girl agreed to drive me home. and we left before we ate or did anything. Gossip Girl sent me home then she went home. I took a nap and when i was feeling better i woke up and started to feel really bad cuz Gossip Girl was missing the reunion. I called Grandma Walrus to see if Gossip Girl was there and wat they were doing…but Grandma Walrus was distracted and was no help cuz it was loud so she hung up on me.

Then i drove to Gossip Girl’s house because i felt so bad that she missed it and it only happens every 10 years i wanted to apologize. When i got there said sorry we hung out a bit and when i was leaving Gossip Girl’s house…her pet seal escaped….so see drawing now that is attached…this is how the entrance to Gossip Girl’s house looks…

They have a whole bunch of sections where they keep their pets so there are different doors blocking off the habitats…cuz i guess i dream that her family keeps a farm of animals…

BUT anyways the pet seal escaped and outside her house is a river or something so this walrus comes out and tries to kill the seal, but Gossip Girl and i save the seal and get it back into the first section of her house. Then i being the person i am…start mocking the walrus and talking shit to it because it couldnt kill the seal. THEN the walrus morphs into this lion…and Gossip Girl  and i are like. OH SHIT wtf.

so we start running into the house and shut the first screen door which is just like wire door. and then watch it…the lion RUNS hella fast and we run into the 2nd door area….The lion breaks down the first screen door and we are like…oh crap…so we run into the house and then the lion…is damn powerful and breaks down the 2nd door which is glass. Then we were worried, but the last door is wood…and the lion failed at breaking it down.

Freaking out we went to Gossip Girl’s mom and told her there is a lion outsdie. And her mom says usually the lions dont come trepass onto our presmises. So she looks up the lion online and figures out its a special breed that is known to trespass onto property. So we tell Gossip Girl’s dad. and he brings out a shot gun. the lion is sleeping now in the front door. So the dad shoots the lion through the door cuz his gun is that powerful and then lion is sad and turns into a human man…who is in pain.

I’m screaming kill it wtf. shoot it…and the dad is like…its a human. So hte dad starts talking to the lion/human asking him questions and the lion goes kill me kill me the pain is too much. but then we didnt want to kill him cuz the dad said we could still be held liable for murder 2 heat of passion or voluntary manslaughter so we keep questioning him. and then Gossip Girl’s dad says i dont kill mortals. and i woke up.

………………………..what a great dream.


2 thoughts on “Dreams. Got To Love Em!

  1. Good dream! We should do this more often~like documenting your dreams with writing and drawing, we can totally start a dream scrapbook, haha!

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