Awkward Moments

  1. Standing in a elevator with no music with someone you don’t know for 28 floors
  2. Standing in an elevator with two people doing PDA
  3. Brushing your teeth in the bathroom next to someone you don’t know
  4. Taking a shit in the dorms while someone you don’t know is brushing their teeth
  5. Watching Borat or the beginning of Bridesmaids…with your parents
  6. Holding hands to pray with someone you don’t know in church right after you saw them cough into their hand
  7. Reaching out to give someone a high five…and they don’t give it back
  8. Going in for a high five when they go in for a fist bump
  9. Waving back at someone…who is waving to a person behind you
  10. Seeing someone you think you know, screaming their name, and then realizing it’s not the person you know
  11. When someone says “Hey!” and you reply “Good Thanks!”
  12. When you say goodbye to someone…but you both walk away in the same direction.
  13. When you say goodbye to someone and you are unsure if you are supposed to give them a hug or not
  14. When your friend starts talking to someone without introducing you and you stand there
  15. Walking into a very clean closed glass door
  16. Walking into a pole
  17. Pushing to open a door when the handle says “Pull”
  18. Telling someone you can’t hang out because are busy with family and then seeing them at the mall with your friends
  19. Making plans in front of someone you don’t want to come…and not inviting them
  20. Introducing someone whose name you don’t remember to another person
  21. Touching someone’s arm you don’t know when putting your arm on the armrest in the cinema
  22. Wearing the same dress or outfit as someone in a public place
  23. When you keep talking to someone after the call has dropped
  24. When your phone rings in a meeting and plays an offensive rap song
  25. When you can’t tell if someone is a boy or a girl
  26. When you are in class where you don’t speak with anyone and the teachers tells you to go find a partner
  27. When you are shopping and someone asks you for help
  28. Gossiping about someone and they walk up behind you
  29. Someone walks in when you are changing
  30. Noticing someone’s zipper is down, but not wanting to tell them because you don’t have a reason to be looking that low
  31. Talking to someone who has a large piece of food stuck in their teeth
  32. Asking for a plunger after clogging the toilet in a house that is not your own
  33. Farting or having your stomach grumble in a quiet class
  34. When you tell a joke and no one laughs
  35. When you laugh at a serious situation
  36. When you have to give someone the email address you made at age 12
  37. When you go out to eat with a date and the place only accepts cash and you only have $2 in your wallet
  38. Sitting in the computer lab and sticking your tongue out when someone walks by. Then making eye contact…and waving.


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