I like paper money!

Just saw a commercial for the new version of Monopoly and my heart just sank.

“Electronic Banking?!”
What is this monstrosity?! Where’s the paper money of yester-year?

I get that the times are changing and no one really deals with paper money anymore (unless you work in the illegal drug industry or some other illicit group), but fun board games of the past are now mimicking life too much!

What was the best part about paper money? Just being able to physically see how much you have or how much anyone else has (if they didn’t try to hide it).  Also, learning to add and subtract correctly so other players don’t rip you off. (A good thing to learn for real life too!)

Kids today will miss the experience of throwing money in the air and making it rain! Who wouldn’t love that? Soon, kids will have no clue what old dinosaurs are talking about when they joke about paying people in Monopoly money…

Sigh… I feel old. Who wants to play Monopoly with me?!


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