Cellphones… ugh.

I have a cell phone for my convenience, not yours.

If you call, text, email, or message me during a meeting of any sort, I will not respond instantly. I repeat, I will not respond instantly.

What are “meetings?” Merriam-Webster defines “meeting” as “an act or process of coming together: as an assembly for a common purpose (as worship).”

So what’s a meeting? Class, work, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, group activities, mass at church, etc. These are designated, scheduled times people have set aside to be with me. It would be rude to not give them my undivided attention. How would you feel if mid-conversation I just decided to whip out my phone and start chatting up the world? Exactly.

I have a cell phone for my convenience, not yours.

If I don’t respond right away, don’t start sulking and scowling over why I’m not responding. I’m busy

My cell phone is there so I can keep in touch and maintain my schedule. So yes, do call me if we’re supposed to have a meeting and I am late. Do call me if you’re reminding me to bring or do something important prior to the meeting. Do call me if you can’t make it to our scheduled meeting. However, don’t call me if you’re just bored. That’s what my Facebook wall is for. Go ahead and post messages there. Or email me. I will check them and respond promptly, but  do not expect to get an instant reply

Sigh, missing the pre-cellular days.


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