Just say it!

Why do people sometimes think it’s a good idea to send a video or a song about their feelings?

Did you write the song? Did you make the video? No? Then how is it the same situation?!

This drives me crazy sometimes. Sending and making me watch an 10 minute Youtube video would not be faster than just telling me you’re happy or sad. If everyone in the world did this, it would take people hours just to figure out what you are trying to convey.

Don’t send me a song and say, “this is how I feel.” Can you just listen to the song and pick out key phrases about how you feel and just tell me those? You don’t even have to tell me it’s from a song! You could totally steal credit for creative ideas and I wouldn’t even know. I’d just think you were some lyrical genius and should start writing songs. See? Win-win situation.

I’m all about efficiency. Going to be honest here: if you send me a 10 minute video, chances are I saw about 30 seconds of it starting from the 1:30 mark. If the 30 seconds was good, I might watch the whole thing. Maybe. Otherwise, can’t afford time to watch all the videos people send in the world!

Make my life easier and less confusing. Just tell me what it is that is on your mind, but not through videos or songs. That’s cliche and time consuming.

On that note, sending you this video:

What am I trying to tell you, dear reader?

I’m hungry for beef wellingtons.

See? Way faster if I just told you I was hungry for beef wellington.

Quit sending me songs or videos and telling me this is how you feel. I didn’t listen or watch it!


One thought on “Just say it!

  1. so…ppl sending videos upsets you then? jk jk ABUDEN. hahahaha. but AMEN GIRLFRIEND. blog it loud and proud. but…im guilty of the song thing. its okay tho…cuz im emotionally defective so i am excused!! *super hug* but you can just pretend you listened to it lah. lucky to have me lah u LUCKY LUCKY! see u soon. tata.

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