Don’t Say Anything If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

Someone once told me that “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

Well damn. Maybe that’s why the world is going down the shithole.  Telling people they are screwing over or hurting another person is obviously not “something nice to say,” but it is required to make the world better.

For example: telling a murderer he is a wrong for stabbing someone is mean, but maybe he should know his behavior is not acceptable…or maybe telling our government to stop stealing the people’s money.

If people always hide their opinions or try to overly sugarcoat statements…we are all screwed, especially because many people cannot read in-between the lines. I acknowledge you should care about other’s feelings, but damn…SOOO MANY friendships are broken due to failed communication because people hide their true feelings of annoyance due to brainwashing from the rule stated above!

HELLO. Someone cannot fix something if you don’t tell them there is a problem. So say it even if it is not nice.  Trust me. Real friends will appreciate your honesty and you’ll be able to weed out the fake ones in the process.

Therefore, I think the rule should be modified. “Grow a pair and tell people how it is (with tact when appropriate).”  You will leave feeling better about yourself. Things could get resolved and it saves time and effort.  EVERYONE IS HAPPY.

❤ (O_O)!




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