San Francisco’s little sister.

This week, Oakland rolled out a new parking payment program, similar to the one implemented in San Francisco. Oh how wonderful it is to now be able to pay by phone from the convenience of where ever I am!

Oakland seems to always be one step behind the ever-so-lovely San Francisco, kind of like a little sister. Always in it’s footsteps, Oakland likes to copy it’s bigger sister’s plans, which is wonderful except Oakland has so much more potential than has yet revealed.

Besides pay-by-phone parking, Oakland rolled out the first of it’s “parklets” late last year. Though a wonderful idea in San Francisco, with tourism as a booming business, I’m hesitant about parklets in Oakland. I was born and raised here and yet even I am hesitant to sit and enjoy my meal at a parklet… Hopefully, Oakland proves me wrong.

Growing up in the “most dangerous city in California” (as er the Huffington Post in an article last year), there is a sense of reluctance in being proud of growing up here. You will see me put down SF’s little sister quite often, but only because I know there is much to be appreciated in this town and so much more it could be.  There’s character in this city and people are wonderful once you get to know us, though looking in from the outside, it must certainly be intimidating.  Why wouldn’t you be intimidated by the city labeled as “Detroit of the West.”

Am I afraid to go out at night in Oakland? Yes. Should you be afraid? Yes, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. Just don’t visit at night. Our nightlife sucks, though it’s starting to get better each year with the addition of new restaurants.

Oakland can easily outshine it’s bigger sister if we wanted. Until then, those that contribute to Oakland being the most dangerous city in the state will continue to keep Oakland’s potential hidden.

All this talk about Oakland and I’m heading off to San Francisco now…this is awkward… 

(That was supposed to be the end of the blog post, but I found this super cool infographic of SF and Oakland. I love infographics.)


4 thoughts on “San Francisco’s little sister.

  1. Actually, San Francisco has two “sisters” if you count San Jose, fifty miles south and world’s away from San Francisco. We locals actually like to refer to Oakland and San Jose as “San Francisco’s Red-headed Stepsisters” because as much as they try, they never even come close to capturing that San Francisco feel.

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