Malaysian Money Beats American Money

American Money
-One Color
-Color of VEGGIES 😦
-All Same Size
-Boring Buildings
Malaysian Money
-Different Sizes
-Creative Images

4 thoughts on “Malaysian Money Beats American Money

      • Falling now, rising later. The American dollar is the original roller-coaster. By the way: I didn’t mean to come across as being snotty, I lived in Asia for eight years and have a shadow box in my living room of all the currencies I’ve collected in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Shang-Hai, Singapore and elsewhere including Malaysia. The yen from Japan of course has more value than the dollar and is better looking, but at the same time the yen is associated with malaise far more than the dollar which why fewer investors are buying yen compared to the dollar.

      • No worries! Didn’t sound snotty! It is true. American money is stronger! I’d love to see Japanese Yen! My sister collects coins from different countries!

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