This love/hate relationship.

You see that thing? Yeah, I love & hate it. It’s complicated.

Some days, I think life was good without it. I could see the world, touch it, smell it, feel it all around me. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Not having instant answers was, at times, blissful. I do miss that, so I must say some days I hate it. I dislike that life now seems less exciting. There are no more “I don’t know’s,” replaced by “let me look that up.” The free-spirited-ness of it’s dumber counterpart seems elusive now.

Then there are days when I am in love, days that I appreciate all that it can do for me. Eyes peering at the blank wall, aimless thoughts, and time wasted occur less now. Boredom seldom sets in. It has the answers to all of my silly questions and random thoughts. Yes, some days I am in love with it.

This love, however, worries me. This thing should not consume my life. Things were in perfect balance before it came along, so I should easily be okay without it now, yes?

And yet, when we are apart, I feel the emptiness.

Some days, I can’t live without it. Some days, I just want to leave it and run.

Oh, smartphone. What to do with you…?



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