Please help me find my car: a brilliant app idea!

Warm spring weather finally arrived to the Bay Area this week. Oreo and I wanted to make sure we soaked up the sun before it goes away again next week, so we did a little bit of roaming in the city. Doesn’t he look super happy?

Our walk was lovely up until the end, when I realized I had somewhat lost track of where we went, and thus technically, lost the car. With my handy-dandy smartphone, I back-tracked our steps to where we started and eventually found it. Just in time too! Our 3-hour parking was almost up and you know how quick those SF meter maids can be…

This got me thinking: the best app you could make for a smartphone (besides gps navigation and photo sharing, that is) would let me pinpoint exactly where I left my car and help me get back in time before I get a ticket.

Too many times, I’ve parked my car on the street or in a garage and went about my business, only to forget which gate I entered or how long my car has been there. In the past, I’ve walked across campus to the parking garage only to remember once I get there that I parked on the other side of campus at another garage.

Maybe this is only a problem for forgetful people like me, but if there was an app for this, my smartphone would be totally be worth it. I would even reserve a spot on the home screen just for it!

If someone makes this app after this post, they owe me some money for the idea!


One thought on “Please help me find my car: a brilliant app idea!

  1. haha. try living in vegas…and working on the strip. you NEVER remember wat casino you parked at or wat level. happened to me all the time…that’s when you know…you have been living in vegas for too long. HAHA. I would type it everyday in my phone. so i would remember after because walking from one hotel to another and pressing the beeper to find that the car makes noise on the level above you…is no fun, esp in the summer desert weather. GOOD APP IDEA!!!!!

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