C’mon AT&T!

Oreo and I went on another hiking trip today, this time to Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley.

Lately, I’ve been too busy exploring the rest of the Bay Area that I forgot about the massive parks that surround me. I keep thinking that people who live near Golden Gate Park are lucky to have such a beautiful park that I forget I live right next to Redwood Regional Park and Tilden Regional Park (among others).

Anyways, during our hike, I was able to keep track of our progress as to not get lost or lose the car again and it dawned on me: I have service in the middle of nowhere.

Okay, yes, it’s not really the middle of nowhere, but considering that at home, half the house has amazing service with full bars while the other side of the house is a dead zone, it’s amazing that there’s service where no one is living. What’s up with that, AT&T?!

I do appreciate getting service at the park though! It would certainly come in handy if I get lost with my dog. 🙂

Hope AT&T sees this and service is better at the house. Fingers-crossed!


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