VOTE LITTLE RED DOT KITCHEN (Fellow Malaysian wants to sell at a local fair!)

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TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Need 50 votes to catch up to the leader! Very quick and very helpful!

The world must know the greatness of Ba Kwa!!!!

Sells: Bak Kwa – a Southeast Asian Charcuterie – originated from Singapore & Malaysia. Made from domestically sourced meat, which are grind and marinated with organic spices, then slowly grilled. It is 100% all natural, authentic and a healthy source of protein.
Why? We shall sell at SF Street Festival because Bak Kwa (Southeast Asian Charcuterie) is the ultimate street food. We grew up with this popular, festive, and irresistible treats back in Southeast Asia. It is so popular that who ever travels to Singapore/Malaysia will develop a craving for this delicious treat. It has been rated at the top 10 Singaporean food we cannot live without by – Since this delicious treat was no where to be found in the states, we are not shy to be the first and the best in making it. We are proud to produce the best quality Bak Kwa that uses premium quality of meat (such as grass-fed beef from Sonoma County for our new Spicy Beef Flavor), organic spices and without preservative, MSG and coloring. Unlike jerkies, our charcuterie is tender, and never dehydrated or salt-cured, it provides customers a healthy source of protein without all the unnecessary sodium. Our Bak Kwa is the perfect balance of sweetness, savory and smokiness. A flavor power house that can be consume as a snack alone or as a versatile ingredients for any menu recipes. –

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