Why do people use such big words?  Did you know most ppl who read your papers or books don’t know what accoutrements or perfidiousness means??

You think it makes you look smarter? Is that why? Will that get you an A+? WILL IT??? Well…probalby cuz they just like you…being all complicated with their vocabulary.

In reality and on a practical level…you know what happens? 1) You waste your time looking up a big word to replace words like “really” or “many” or “pretty” or “smart,” and then 2) the person reading it has to look up what your long complicated word means in the dictionary.  Stop wasting your time and my time. Use simple English.

You think Harry Potter writer lady got famous using words like gasconading and perfidiousness to describe things. No. You can read her book without using a dictionary.

Doesn’t make you look smarter. You know why? I can use a theasurus too.


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