You know what really breaks my break my chopsticks…

1.) when rice gets stuck on the bottom of my socks!

2.) when people do not fold their clothes correctly and just crumples it into their draws

3.) when someone stares at you and you look back and they are still staring.. wtf is their problem!?

4.) when I get .99 cents in change cause I ain’t got no penny!

5.) when I am a pedestrian and there are cars EVERYWHERE!

6.) when I am a driver and there are hella pedestrians crossing on RED!

7.) Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants, but comes out of the shower in a towel…

8.) when the gum doesn’t give up on the bottom of my shoe…

9.) being a girl, in a dirty ass restaurant and having to squat over a toilet šŸ˜¦

10.) when I have a booger on my face and no one tells me D;


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