You think that’s a lame gift?

People always complain about gifts they get during the holidays, especially ones like socks.

Do you know why you get lame gifts? Because people like me ask you what you want for the holidays and you answer “Oh, anything!” or “Surprise me!”

Well, SURPRISE! You got socks.

Why? Because people like me don’t know what the heck you want us to buy you and we already asked. I personally like gifts I can use, so I’d love comfy socks! Wouldn’t have to make a trip to the store to buy some, especially in the winter. Don’t complain about lame gifts if you didn’t give any helpful suggestions.

Also, don’t be unreasonable. If I know you’re getting me a $5 gift, do NOT expect me to buy that designer sweater that costs $80 bucks on sale, even if you did ask for it!

Also, gift cards are lame. Have you ever seen me use a gift card? No. Why? Cuz I forget it at home every time.

By the way, I do not need any more socks. Don’t buy socks for me. I want an ultrabook. (MUAHAHAHA.) Or tickets to a theater show. (*hint hint: Book of Mormon or Wicked.) No gift cards. 


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