Bathroom Etiquette For Girls

Have you ever gone to the bathroom at the same time as one of your co-workers or acquaintances (someone you have small talk with, but don’t really know that well)?

I heard the rule for guys is “don’t talk in the bathroom.”  But girls…man…we chat while walking to the bathroom, while waiting in line, while washing our hands, while drying our hands, and while walking out. But are we supposed to chat while we are in the stall?  What do you do when you are in the middle of a conversation with your acquaintance in line…and then it is both your turn…and you enter stalls right next to each other…what do you do?  Keep talking?

The most uncomfortable situation is when there are only 2 stalls and there is no one else in the bathroom but you and your acquaintance, AND there is no bathroom music.  Do you talk? Or do you just be quiet and listen to each other go bathroom. Omg. Sometimes I want to take a raincheck and come back later. Awkward. So Awkward.


This is why girls need to stop going bathroom in pairs (unless you are hella close…then not so awkward because your friends probably heard worse).


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