*shivers* winter sucks

you know what I hate most about winter…is..

1) when you’re trying to avoid using the toilet, cause you gotta sit on that COLD HARD PORCELAIN SEAT with  your warm butt cheeks

2.) when your lips get all crusty, chappy, and dry from the cold air

3.) when you feel that you’re starting to get SICK, sniffling running itchy noses and you gotta use HELLA tissue to get rid of that nasty mucus dripping down your nostrils,

4.) it gets dark SUPER early!, i hate darkness, its so scary you never know what can come at you!!! darkness is depressing… 😦 and no one wants to go out when its cold..

5.) when you get out to your car in the winter mornings, your windows have crap on them! the stupid ice, dew and shit, then you gotta scrape it off  and that takes soooo much time!!

6.) when you have to wash your hands and the water is freezing COLD

7.) when my nose is so red, I can be leading Santa’s  freaking sled!

8.) having to put on hella damn layers just to stay warm and ending up looking like that michelen tires man!

9.) going to sleep with my hair wet cause its too late to blowdry it and its extra cold 😦

10.) and finally.. when you’re all nice and cozy in bed, you gotta get outta bed to go PEE cause you drank too much hot chocolate *sigh*.

** the best part about winter, is having cold hands and feet and touching your man and they start shivering *priceless*



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