Macro spelling problems.

Acess? Access?

Convieniently? Conviniently? Conveniently?

 Possy? Possi? Posse? (This one curtisey courtesy of MukTuk.) (See?! I did it again.)

Whenever I have to write something and have to be super careful or when I have to write or cut out big letters for a poster, I am always doomed to spell something wrong.

Misspelled words

I don’t get it. I can type it easily out when I’m not thinking about it too much, but the moment I start to be extra careful about spelling, I end up missing a letter or replacing an A or E randomly somewhere.

I’m sure this doesn’t just happen to me though, right?

I can’t imagine what it was like back in the day when you had to pull out a giant dictionary to check spelling. How I have SpellChecker on my MS Word and Google to check all my spelling on the internet. If you checked my web search history, you will surely find lots of misspelled words that I was trying to figure out how to spell correctly.

I don’t misspell mispell misspell words that often. (Yes, I think it’s misspelled…)


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